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Tracheostomy Review and Management Service (TRAMS)

Established in 2001, the Tracheostomy Review and Management Service (TRAMS) is a multidisciplinary consultative service of tracheostomy specialists, including intensivists, respiratory physicians, speech-language pathologists, clinical nurse consultants and specialist physiotherapists. TRAMS coordinates tracheostomy patient care, multidisciplinary policy and procedures, and provides education across 3 separate hospital sites.  TRAMS also continues care into the community for those with a long-term tracheostomy tube. TRAMS is a founding member and lead site of the Global Tracheostomy Collaborative (GTC)

The Victorian Respiratory Support Service (VRSS)

The VRSS is a state wide service providing expert, comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to individuals with chronic respiratory failure who requiring long-term ventilation support.  The service utilizes best practice and fosters research and education in the field of chronic ventilatory failure.

Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit provides multidisciplinary care to a wide variety of critically ill patients in a state of the art facility.  The ICU is a 29 bed unit and provides care for over 2000 ICU, 2200 outreach and 500 liaison patients per year. Our specialities include spinal trauma, liver transplant, cardiac, neuro, orthopaedic, thoracic and general medicine; in addition to a range of medical patients.

Significant research projects are undertaken both within the Unit and as part of multi-centre studies. Over the past 15 years Austin ICU has produced over 700 publications.

Victorian Spinal Cord Service (VSCS)

The VSCS is a state wide service providing acute management and rehabilitation for spinal cord injured patients from Victoria, Tasmania and southern New South Wales.

The GTC was formed in 2012 by Dr David Roberson, Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital, together with leaders in tracheostomy to create the world first tracheostomy quality collaborative aimed at improving tracheostomy care around the world.  Austin Health TRAMS is a founding member of the GTC and the lead Asia Pacific site. Around the world, there are now 48 member hospitals, 2800 professional and 150 family members of the GTC.

Now in its 7th year, some of the most notable achievements of the GTC include

  • Reduced Length of Stay for tracheostomy patients by 20% in select hospitals
  • Statistically significant reduction in major adverse events
  • Strong patient and family partnerships with patient and family members many of whom contribute to GTC Newsletters, Webinars and Symposia
  • Annual attendance of 400+ at the International Tracheostomy Symposium
  • 5 Webinars hosted with 350 attendees from around the world
  • 2,800 worldwide members
  • Nearly 50 member hospitals and growing globally
  • Support and engagement from industry suppliers
  • Over 6,000 entries in a global tracheostomy database enabling research and bench-marking

The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) has been providing outstanding care for Victoria’s children and their families for over 140 years, providing full range of clinical services, tertiary care and health promotion and prevention programs for children and young people.  RCH is the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria, Tasmania, southern New South Wales and other states around Australia and overseas.  RCH is a lead Australasian site for the GTC.

The Kids & Tracheostomy Service (KATS), Respiratory Medicine and ENT teams provide care and management to children who require a tracheostomy.


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15 February 2019

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15 February 2019

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31 May 2019

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15 August 2019

Organising Committee & Advisory Group

Symposium Co-Convenors
Tanis Cameron and Dr Naomi Atkins

Symposium Secretariat
Michelle Bye (Encanta)

Medical Committee
Chair: A/Prof Mark Howard
Members: Dr Naomi Atkins, Dr Stephen Warrillow, Dr Brendan McGrath, Dr David Roberson, Mr Matthew Campbell, Dr Jo Harrison, Mr Damien Phillips

Program Committee
Co Chairs: Jack Ross, Tanis Cameron

Patient and Family Committee
Co Chairs: Christine Knee Chong, Erin Ward
Members: Lucy Bonakdar, Jenny Messer, Gerard Stevenson, Sue Stevenson, Colin and Jenny Grey, James Lynch, Sue-Ellan Jones, John Kemp, Gabby Chessels

Scientific Committee
Co Chairs: Dr Vinciya Pandian, A/Prof Sue Berney, Dr Michael Brenner
Members: Prof Liz Ward, Joanne Sweeney, Charissa Zaga

Sponsorship Committee
Chair: Caroline Chao
Members: Kelsey Shi (Encanta)

Promotions and Marketing
Chair: Christine Knee Chong
Members: Vanessa Romanovski, TRAMS team, Diane O’Toole (Global Tracheostomy Collaborative), Christine Milano (Global Tracheostomy Collaborative), Kelsey Shi (Encanta), Jhess Teylan (Encanta), Royal Children’s Hospital Team

Multimedia Committee
Video Creation: Jack Ross, Cameron McMillan (Free Form Party Ltd), Daisy Xu, Peter and Sue Stickney, Andrew Follows and his dog, Leo|
Royal Children’s’ Hospital: Sue-Ellan Jones, John Kemp, Amalia and Kate Cobalan, Lottie, Paul & Haley Abbey, William DeOliveira, Katherine Bodycoat, Jude and Alison McCallum, Tyler Luedi, Emma Mercer, Heather Luedi
Social Media: Christine Knee Chong, Dr Linda Morris, Sacha Allnatt, Aleksa Thomas (Global Tracheostomy Collaborative)
Website: Caroline Chao, Tanis Cameron, Michelle Bye (Encanta)

Patient Support Committee
Quevy Vu, Renee Bartlett, Mary Larsen

Symposium Advisors
Sue Shilbury, Shelley Castree-Croad, Joanne Sweeney, Brit Gordon, Mr Tony Narula (Global Tracheostomy Collaborative), Dr Dionne Graham (Center for Applied Pediatric Quality Analytics and Boston Children’s Hospital), Rhonda Holmes, Dr Jeanette Tamplin, Heela Arsala, Debbie Shiell, Rebekah Trachsel, Cheyne Brudenell